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"Choose to be optimistic, it feels better."

Wellness Corner

More Than Diet and Exercise

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Change Your Life

Improve Your Health

Your health matters!

Taking care of your health is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

Health Coaches

Your bottom line matters!

Grow your business and help your clients achieve better health.

Helping You Achieve Success

By Elevating Your


You already know that what you eat day-to-day is critical to good health.

And of course getting enough movement on a regular basis is also key to good health.

However, it takes more than diet and exercise to

Look and feel your best for years to come

However, it takes more than diet & exercise to

Look and Feel Your Best

 for Years To Come

Improve mobility by closing the nutritional gaps

Get more energy by reducing daily toxin exposure

Protect the environment while protecting your health

Slow down the signs of aging by combating free radicals

Healthy House

The everyday products you use have an effect on your and your family’s health.

Complete Nutrition

Ensure your body is getting the proper nutrients even when you can’t eat perfectly.


Reduce your environmental impact by using clean products.

Smarter Choices

Living a better, healthier life doesn’t have to be hard or cost an arm and a leg.

Your Quality of Life.
Your Path Starts Here.

“It’s up to all of us, the consumers, to take charge of our health. It’s almost like voting. It’s your responsibility.”

Anne Wojcicki

Take Responsibility For Your Health

Modern medicine is amazing and we are so fortunate to have access to advanced medical care.

I will always advocate for maintaining routine checkups with your doctor, but for the most part, the power to live your healthiest life is in your hands.

Not only can you live longer you can live better by making better choices for you and your family.

You don’t have to be perfect. If you continue to make more and more better choices, day and and day out, the positive effects will compound.

Making Better Choices

The air we breathe, what we eat and drink, and even what touches our skin can have major impacts on our health. Just because products work doesn’t mean that they are safe. And often products that are safe don’t work well.

By choosing products that are safe, effective, eco-friendly, and affordable you drastically improve the quality of your life.

Develop The Small Habits

If you want massive change to happen in your life it isn’t necessarily about taking massive steps.

In fact you’re more likely to make massive, LASTING changes by focusing on the little things.

Over and over.

Day after day.

Your best health is a long game. It’s true when they say it’s a lifestyle.

Think about your last New Year’s resolution. In fact think of all your New Year’s resolutions. How many have stuck?

The big, bold changes you want to make in your life WILL happen…if you focus on the small, manageable, sustainable steps.

And we’re here to help you with that.

Diet, Exercise, AND...

Your diet (nutrition) and level of physical activity are super important to your health on a cellular level.

But they aren’t the only factors to being the healthiest version of yourself.

Our cells are impacted positively or negatively by everything we eat, drink, breathe, touch, do, think, believe, feel, and perceive.

Scientists believe that less than 10% (and some believe it’s less than 2%) of disease is genetically determined.

This means that over 90% of disease and illnesses are not due to genetics!

The human body has always had the ability to fight off toxins (free radicals). In many people the constant bombardment of toxins (physical and mental) have become more than the human body can deal with.

“Cleaning up” your life can drastically improve how you look and feel everyday. It will drastically improve how well you will age. It will drastically improve your quality of life. And that is invaluable!

Live The Life You Dream Of

Your best life will always be a work in progress.

Your best life and my best life will not look the same.

One thing I’m sure we can agree on is living free of discomfort, pain, and disease is part of both of our best lives.

By choosing to buy better, cleaner products you will live a better life.

A better life for you and your family, and better for the environment.


I’m Rosalie.

I help health coaches, like you, offer more value to your clients beyond diet and exercise, expanding your business to include safe, effective, eco-friendly, and affordable everyday products that are part of living a healthy lifestyle.

Are you ready to take your client’s health and your business to the next level?

Not a coach? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! You can get the benefits of switching to safe, effective, environmentally responsible household, nutritional, and personal care products from the comfort of your own home.

Want to know more?


“My family and I love these products for the gentle formulas without the harsh and damaging chemicals! The fact that they work as well or better than our old brands, at a comparable or lesser cost is a huge bonus. Another plus for me is that we are making a positive impact on the environment because of the biodegradable formulas, higher concentrations, and therefore less packaging.”


“I have just turned 70 and for many years now I have been taking many different supplements for my health such as multivitamins, BCAA’s and other age and gender-related products.

Keeping track of when and where to order my replacements and refills was tedious and time-consuming. Now, I simply order the Total Health Peak Performance Pack and get everything I need all at once. I have done a lot of research on the quality of supplements and I am confident that I have found a top-quality and cost-effective option. It’s made getting the supplements I want and need so much easier.”


“I have absolutely fallen in love with the laundry detergent. I can’t believe a 10 ml capful is enough for a full load of laundry, but I find that my laundry looks, feels, and smells much cleaner than my old brand. I can feel at ease knowing that there aren’t any toxins that can harm my family or the environment.”


Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

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